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Rubinetterie Stella
  Rubinetterie Stella
  Address: Via Unità D'italia, 1
  City: Novara - (No)
  Code: 28100
  Telephone: +39 0321 473351
  Fax: +39 0321 474231
  Site: www.rubinetteriestella.it
  Impressions: 2756
Since far-off 1882, when Pietro Stella decided to make taps, right up to today, much water has flowed. And STELLA deserves some credit for its contributions in over 126 years to the writing of the history of taps, ever seeking new applications of new technology, "intelligent" products capable of going beyond fashion to challenge the more important values such as the force of the elements and the passage of time.
But, surprisingly, these sarne taps have also created fashion. Yes, those very taps that were designed fìrst for usefulness, comfort, ease of use and safety. Thus, as progress continued, STELLA not only won an ever broader group of customers but established quality standards which would then be for many a basis of comparison. That's why today, for the specialists, STELLA is synonymous with superior quality, engineering excellence and unparalleled reliability. This cannot easily be imitated.
And we believe that, fully aware of this fact, our founder would also smile beneath his whiskers. The construction excellence of STELLA taps comes from a truly simple concept: 'never do anything useless', This concept is at the base of the company philosophy which, putting the real requirements of product users in the foreground, requires production not as determined by a sales price set in advance but on the basis only of the pursuit of excellence.
The results have been proven and continue to be seen: take the ROMA line designed in the twenties and, today, still produced with enthusiastic approval of architects, interior decorators, engineers and users. Or take the BOX where the design has translated convenience of use into originality and smartness and where sophisticated engineering has reduced water-flow and temperature control to a single, simple movement. Or consider the ISOMIX, the thermostat-controlled mixer par excellence, jewel of hydraulic and mechanical perfection, which automatically compensates in a brief instant for water pressure and Isomix temperature variations, ensuring steady flow of the desired mix with obvious benefits for comfort and safety.
These are tangible proof of the STELLA way of keeping up with progress, yes, but out in front and always meeting the requirements of the most advanced users.

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