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Tenda Dorica
  Tenda Dorica
  Address: Via Brecce Bianche 95
  City: Ancona - (AN)
  Code: 60131
  Telephone: +39 071 2861606
  Fax: +39 071 2861740
  Site: www.tendadorica.it
  Impressions: 3623
Born in 1962, Tenda Dorica is one of the most representative Italian firms specialised in the research and development of innovative and functional aesthetic shapes and the employment of new materials in the field of bathroom furnishing, and operates both in national and international territories.
In 1988 a meeting with Arch. Furio Minuti, who has created the series Light, a line of accessories and mirrors, revealed the sole and absolutely innovative style in treating materials like steel, brass and aluminium with dynamism and colour. This cooperation marked a very important turning point in Tenda Dorica towards the design system and the awareness of its importance.
Being strong for the success obtained thanks to the very first collection of accessories, Tenda Dorica, always in strict collaboration with Furio Minuti, created the first line of furniture made of phosphated steel with rounding doors: the Hi-Fi. This line enabled Tenda Dorica to claim its name all over the world. A great success again with the collection Lavabolo and Fly, again designed by Furio Minuti, and introduced into the market in 1995 and 2000 respectively.
The collaboration with the designer Giovanna Bertini began in the middle of the 90s’, creating various lines of accessories, such as Kea in 1996, Rain (to combine with the console Noa), Nalu, up to the latest collections Quadra and Eko.
In this period Tenda Dorica made a farsighted choice. Illuminare lighting system is, in fact, introduced in the market of bathroom decoration, including ceiling, wall and mirror lamps, thus contributing to widen the already large range of products offered to its clientele.
In 2002 Giovanni Bertini designs the collection of wood furniture Puzzle, an alternative to the differently coloured style of the previous production. Accompanied with particular kinds of ceramic, crystal and natural stone washbasins, this series of pieces of furniture, cabinets and drawers is able to express all the possible combinations of simple and minimalist wood items.
It is with the new line Arco that a cooperation with Arch. Pino Montalti starts in 2000, granting a constant development of new articles in the following years.
In October 2004 new forms of collaborations make a start. Firstly, Adele Orsini, who conceives the new line of mirrors Riflessi, a particular collection of glass surfaces provided with variously coloured frames that recall the Beat Generation time; secondly, Nanni Cruciani and Andrea Dichiara create the wood console Bagus.
Above all, the main characteristics of Tenda Dorica’s style is the possibility of combining all the series with each other, each time provided with different colour finish.

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