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 News 26/09/2011
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Teletron Sensor tap

Rubinetterie Stella will present a new version of the Teletron sensor tap, widely regarded since the '90s as the best sensor tap on the market. The technical characteristics and functionality remain unchanged thanks to a demonstration of proven reliability over the years. What has changed radically is the look and the technology used.
The new version of Stella Teletron is characterized by an appealing design featuring strong, clean lines and a total absence of support bases, levers, LED and photocells.
Teletron is, in fact, equipped with a special optical sensor placed directly within the spout. The aesthetics are therefore in no way impaired. On the contrary, its practicality is actually enhanced, the location of the sensor making it both easier to use and more responsive.
The Teletron sensor tap is completely reliable. It has minimal dimensions, not only as far as the visible parts are concerned but also for those parts concealed under the sink: components such as the main board and connections have reduced dimension and thus are easily hidden by the bathroom furniture.
Teletron technology provides a substantial reduction in water consumption: the use of water is directly related to the actual use of the tap, therefore providing considerable environmental advantage. The inner timer reduces to an absolute minimum the water consumed by halting its supply as soon as you move your hands away from the sensor.
Stella's new Teletron, thanks to a combination of enhanced design aesthetics and exceptional reliability has therefore become not only an interesting product for hotels and public areas but also for the home use.
Teletron represents for Stella a further major step forward in the direction of eco-awareness without sacrificing practicality or aesthetics, both remaining key elements in the company's outlook and offer.
Teletron Sensor tap
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